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Facebook and external services

Posted by shimikoif on April 13, 2008

How to create mobile service as Facebook application…

Creating an application that will run on top of Facebook platform is an easy journey…
You should have knowledge in web applications life-cycle as well as some programing capabilities in Java,PHP or Python (JavaScript/AJAX is also an option).

The difficult part is when you want:

  • The application to perform tasks that are on-behalf of the users
  • To enable user activity on disconnected mode (from mobile device – without a browser)

Luckily… Facebook platform DO provide facilities to overcome the problems mentioned above.

They (Facebook) call them “infinite session keys”.

Here is what you need to do (In Java):

  • Generate a one time code by accessing the following URL in a browser: http://www.facebook.com/code_gen.php?v=1.0&api_key=YOUR_API_KEY

  • Use the generated code instead of the auth_token that is normally passed to the auth.getSession.
  • The session returned from this call is known as your “Infinite Session Key” and can be used to setup in any external program. e.g.

    FacebookRestClient facebookRestClient = new FacebookRestClient(apiKey, secretKey);
    facebookRestClient.auth_getSession(oneTimeCode); // get infinite session using the one time code

  • That’s it! Your external program should now be able to access the Facebook API just as if it was running inside Facebook

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SecondLife on iPhone

Posted by shimikoif on February 17, 2008

Comverse innovation labs has created a platform which transfers high quality 3D games to mobile devices. Here is a video that was taken in 3GSM Barcelona. This technology is pretty cool (Well I’m biased… this technology was developed here!! by my colleagues). Basically, users will be able to play 3D games in virtually any “browser supported” mobile device without the need of installing a dedicated client. This scenario became reality because most of the processing is done on the server.

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Posted by shimikoif on October 29, 2007

Lately, i was asking myself if Facebook is the next-generation social sound system. It seems to me that we don’t really have the time and courage to call or meet people and to say things that we say to them in Facebook. Suddenly we communicate more and more… and then we get addicted to apps in Facebook. We compare our results on various quiz’s, movies, music, etc… How many people get to know new people on Facebook? Probably, the next step is: porting the “Social Tools” to the Enterprise in order to connect between workers and share knowledge to increase productivity. Isn’t it marvelous that in the same company two groups are developing the same product but the first one is not aware of the second one… and then the organization creates a new role for someone to overview the organization from higher level and then as the organization grows the same scenario happens again and again… Actually, This scenario is inevitable. However, I think that i like it. I like the fact that it is hard to communicate with remote silos… it makes us try harder to bridge over the cultural as well as personal gaps…

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Checkout my first popfly mashup

Posted by shimikoif on October 29, 2007

my pictures

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