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Flickr Scalability

Posted by shimikoif on June 1, 2008

View here the slide…


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CTIA – Comverse-Secondlife-Samsung:CCSS episode #1

Posted by shimikoif on April 7, 2008

This week in CTIA I had the chance to be @ Samsung booth. Together with their phones (quite impressive ones) and infra services, it seems that they decided to invest in SecondLife enablement, specifically communication and messaging. So, Samsung created a client on the device which sends messages to a dedicated blogging server and from there the message is being routed to the SecondLife world. Users can chat with their “SecondLIfe” friends by using Samsung mobile devices…. quite nice. The thing is, That Comverse done it two years ago without a dedicated client and on top of standard SMS… I don’t say that a client is a bad choice; my point is that creating this type of service using only SMS is much more impressive then a client based service which, in terms of functionality is rather trivial as long as you have SL API’s…
Comverse (innovation labs) continues to invest in SecondLife Telco services but has also created the GDP (gaming delivery platform) which delivers the game to mobile devices, currently iPhone(Safari) and symbian s60 3rd edition. This platform enables you to actually PLAY SecondLife on mobile devices and not only send messages:)

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SecondLife on iPhone

Posted by shimikoif on February 17, 2008

Comverse innovation labs has created a platform which transfers high quality 3D games to mobile devices. Here is a video that was taken in 3GSM Barcelona. This technology is pretty cool (Well I’m biased… this technology was developed here!! by my colleagues). Basically, users will be able to play 3D games in virtually any “browser supported” mobile device without the need of installing a dedicated client. This scenario became reality because most of the processing is done on the server.

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Posted by shimikoif on October 29, 2007

Lately, i was asking myself if Facebook is the next-generation social sound system. It seems to me that we don’t really have the time and courage to call or meet people and to say things that we say to them in Facebook. Suddenly we communicate more and more… and then we get addicted to apps in Facebook. We compare our results on various quiz’s, movies, music, etc… How many people get to know new people on Facebook? Probably, the next step is: porting the “Social Tools” to the Enterprise in order to connect between workers and share knowledge to increase productivity. Isn’t it marvelous that in the same company two groups are developing the same product but the first one is not aware of the second one… and then the organization creates a new role for someone to overview the organization from higher level and then as the organization grows the same scenario happens again and again… Actually, This scenario is inevitable. However, I think that i like it. I like the fact that it is hard to communicate with remote silos… it makes us try harder to bridge over the cultural as well as personal gaps…

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Checkout my first popfly mashup

Posted by shimikoif on October 29, 2007

my pictures

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Can a great view from your window help you love technology?

Posted by shimikoif on July 3, 2007

Few days ago i arrived to lake Como,Italy to present some of Comverse’s (i work there:)) innovative services. Well, the scenery is amazing. Beautiful lake, all is green, Italian food, narrow old alleys. I was overwhelmed. the show-place is located in a mixed area of ultra-modern presentation cabinets and an 19Th (maybe older) century castle by the lake. Just to make the story shorter… when the nature and culture is there you might ask your self: Do i own a techie soul? and sometimes you just want to burn your laptop and go up to the mountains… few days later your fingers might miss this black box that connects (false?) you to the world and feeds your curiosity.

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Buddhist say delusions are the cause …

Posted by shimikoif on June 6, 2007

Buddhist say delusions are the cause of the suffering of life. If you
want to build (enterprise level) AJAX application that will be easy to
maintain,upgrade and support… Welcome to the hell-jungle, This will really
make you suffer. In my view AJAX can be great for mini apps and widgets. All
the rest should be written in rather better/easier flash based RIA frameworks
like Flex or Laszlo. Other option might be adopting declarative AJAX framework
which should be based on a highly-adopted platform like j2ee or .Net. Most of
the so-called AJAX systems that i have seen in the web are never “pure-AJAX”
but rather mixture of classic web programming (WordPress.com,Google
maps,Google mail,backpack etc…) with some AJAX features. If you guys bump
into a FULL AJAX web app please let me know:)

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GTU session

Posted by shimikoif on May 16, 2007

Today i had the chance to attends to IBM’s “web 2.0 for the enterprise” session. The “mini convention” was all about revealing some of their web 2.0 flavored applications tergeted to the enterprise. First, there was a lecture on how Amazon,Ebay and “bla” are great web 2.0 companies (not so interesting info:)) followed by a long demo on lotus products and QED wiki. Lotus applications are “ok” but far from being innovative. Moreover, their look&feel is rather normal, nothing special. So there comes my question: Should we expect IBM software to be more then high-end server side software?

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WEB 2.0 on The Road….

Posted by shimikoif on April 22, 2007

I recently read this post:

Can you imagine four sites you visit where what you do on one depends on the results of the prior sites?”

Travel planning may be the best example. When trying to put together a vacation package, for example, I’m optimizing a multi-variable problem, each variable of which is accessible at different sites. What airline/times/prices do I want? Which city am I going to? On what dates? Are tickets available for the Broadway show on that date? What if I arrive later, and go to the museum instead?

A human travel agent used to help with some of these things, but they all lost out to self-service booking on the web. Only, now it’s much more difficult to assemble custom vacation packages.

OK then, I think it’s a very interesting question. It raises many technical as well as philosophical thoughts regarding centralization and consolidation. Do we want to create business which relies on the “one-stop-shop” principal? YES! the answer is YES. In the WEB2.0 universe there will be content providers (user content as well) that will hold the “best-of breed” apps but “it’s their data that we want” and therefore we could create more businesses using mash-ups. The biggest challenge is to find the killer app that uses mash-ups for inventing new business. Do you guys know one?

In the real world i would definitely prefer the flexibility of exploring possibilities and choosing my options in a more “best-of breed” approach… it’s like buying a stereo system..Every part should be a bomb by itself!! Actually, There is no contradiction here… The main idea behind mash-ups is to bring best-of-breed data into single presentation space!

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