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June Festival

Posted by shimikoif on June 25, 2009

June Festival

Just came back from a great 3 day vacation in Amsterdam,London and isle of wight. the basic plan was to go and see Pixis & Neil Young perforemances. The idea to start in Amsterdam came afterwards… Actually it’s my sixth visit to this great city… and the first time that have experienced it with bicycles… which is totally cool except of the fire effect:) then i wrote this song
Take a plane, Take a train
Take the ferry, Take a bus
Place your tent, Go to Pixis, get the rest
Drink one beer, drink one more, go see Neil young through the door
sleep 3 hours,Take the bus, you surly wanna miss the chas(like chaos…:))
Take the ferry,Take first train
In early mornings
Make a new flight again
Back home,Back home,Back home…
Some pictures 1970 & 2009
Isle of Wight Festival 1970 Isle of Wight Festival 2009


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