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Where are you now? Where do you wanna be?

Posted by shimikoif on November 15, 2007

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6 Responses to “Where are you now? Where do you wanna be?”

  1. inna said

    I am in my office, looking out my window at the George Washington bridge
    I wanna be home, sleeping!

  2. shimikoif said

    Good answer and good to hear from you.

  3. daniel said

    I’m at office, going over tons of java code. I wish that I had time to wonder where I want to be…

  4. shay said

    At arcaffe with naama going over my emails.

  5. Michael said

    Hi –

    I am at home, back from the swimming pool, checking my email and filling my weekly report. Soon will go to my parents for the bi-weekly family lunch.

    Where I want to be? Vienna, of course (without cholesterol restrictions 🙂

    Shabat Shalom –


  6. Eran said

    I am at home. Plan to be there in the near future

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