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Posted by shimikoif on October 29, 2007

Lately, i was asking myself if Facebook is the next-generation social sound system. It seems to me that we don’t really have the time and courage to call or meet people and to say things that we say to them in Facebook. Suddenly we communicate more and more… and then we get addicted to apps in Facebook. We compare our results on various quiz’s, movies, music, etc… How many people get to know new people on Facebook? Probably, the next step is: porting the “Social Tools” to the Enterprise in order to connect between workers and share knowledge to increase productivity. Isn’t it marvelous that in the same company two groups are developing the same product but the first one is not aware of the second one… and then the organization creates a new role for someone to overview the organization from higher level and then as the organization grows the same scenario happens again and again… Actually, This scenario is inevitable. However, I think that i like it. I like the fact that it is hard to communicate with remote silos… it makes us try harder to bridge over the cultural as well as personal gaps…


2 Responses to “one-life-two-fs”

  1. Michael said

    I like you eloquent style. But really: who in Facebook says things that he doesn’t dare say in real life? Who in Facebook says anything at all? Everything in Facebook is said for you. All the content is generated on your behalf. Most of the text people read in Facebook is machine generated.
    If such a tool is imported into the corporate world, the result will be a major waste of time.

  2. shimikoif said

    Micheal, Good to hear from you… You are raising an interesting point. It is true that Facebook as a system generates a lot of noise in a sense that it bubbles up “what people are doing”. But there is the messaging system in Facebook that many people use it like email, even more then their personal mailbox. People can “poke” or send short meaningless/meaningful messages to their friends without any hesitations only because it’s within Facebook and Facebook is fun. It’s a strange logic, but i can understand it :).I do agree that porting Facebook as it is to the corporate is not such a good idea… but all enterprises are investing in powerful collaboration tools… so what do you think should be the next generation collaboration tool for the enterprise?

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