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Posted by shimikoif on September 2, 2007

I don’t know about your experience, but according 2 mine, moving to a new apartment should be much easier…
You need to:

  1. Buy a new place in Tel Aviv:)
  2. Take a mortgage
  3. Deal with the mortgage bureaucracy and processes (3 weeks …)
  4. Find a renovation company – try 2 see other places that they worked in!!
  5. Agree on dates with the renovation company. Be ready 4 10%-20% delays…
  6. Plan your budget so you won’t be disappointed when you pay 5-10% more…
  7. Schedule fixes with (SAT/CABLE, Telephone, Internet, Gas, Electricity)
  8. Find a cleaning company (most of them were criminals)
  9. Find a moving company
  10. Move…
  11. Try to arrange the house…
  12. Move to a new house
  13. Buy bunch of stuff….
  14. Wait for technicians to install them (sometimes they will not come)

I want 2 use a web site that will gather for me all the best “Moving to a New House” services for (4,5,7,8,9).
Let them do the work…. it should be so easy…. anyone interested?


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