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Buddhist say delusions are the cause …

Posted by shimikoif on June 6, 2007

Buddhist say delusions are the cause of the suffering of life. If you
want to build (enterprise level) AJAX application that will be easy to
maintain,upgrade and support… Welcome to the hell-jungle, This will really
make you suffer. In my view AJAX can be great for mini apps and widgets. All
the rest should be written in rather better/easier flash based RIA frameworks
like Flex or Laszlo. Other option might be adopting declarative AJAX framework
which should be based on a highly-adopted platform like j2ee or .Net. Most of
the so-called AJAX systems that i have seen in the web are never “pure-AJAX”
but rather mixture of classic web programming (WordPress.com,Google
maps,Google mail,backpack etc…) with some AJAX features. If you guys bump
into a FULL AJAX web app please let me know:)


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