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WEB 2.0 on The Road….

Posted by shimikoif on April 22, 2007

I recently read this post:

Can you imagine four sites you visit where what you do on one depends on the results of the prior sites?”

Travel planning may be the best example. When trying to put together a vacation package, for example, I’m optimizing a multi-variable problem, each variable of which is accessible at different sites. What airline/times/prices do I want? Which city am I going to? On what dates? Are tickets available for the Broadway show on that date? What if I arrive later, and go to the museum instead?

A human travel agent used to help with some of these things, but they all lost out to self-service booking on the web. Only, now it’s much more difficult to assemble custom vacation packages.

OK then, I think it’s a very interesting question. It raises many technical as well as philosophical thoughts regarding centralization and consolidation. Do we want to create business which relies on the “one-stop-shop” principal? YES! the answer is YES. In the WEB2.0 universe there will be content providers (user content as well) that will hold the “best-of breed” apps but “it’s their data that we want” and therefore we could create more businesses using mash-ups. The biggest challenge is to find the killer app that uses mash-ups for inventing new business. Do you guys know one?

In the real world i would definitely prefer the flexibility of exploring possibilities and choosing my options in a more “best-of breed” approach… it’s like buying a stereo system..Every part should be a bomb by itself!! Actually, There is no contradiction here… The main idea behind mash-ups is to bring best-of-breed data into single presentation space!


4 Responses to “WEB 2.0 on The Road….”

  1. Michael said

    Hi, I totally agree. The most complicated inter-site task I could take upon myself is basic price comparisson. If I need anything more complicated, I would usually go for a one-stop solution. However, it is very difficult to define this one-stop in terms of the next great web service.

  2. Eran said

    I’m not sure that the one-stop-shop vs. best-of-breed terminology is the correct one. If I use the travel packages example, there are no “best-of-breed” solutions. All the travel packages sites are pretty much the same and offer the same.
    While the “one-stop-shop” concept is more of a mash-up concept. That is what we should focus on.
    Let’s say I want to set-up a travel packages website. I want flights, hotels, cars, cruises, museums, concert tickets, ballgame tickets, etc.. This is a classic mash-up business application. But to develop this travel application one will need to establish a very high cost company.
    So mash-ups are a great concept but to make them even better we need standards.
    If all the above data providers could provide their data in a standard way, it will be very easy to develop the travel application and all ones efforts would be concentrated in the business development area.
    So, to re-cap, I truly think that mash-up applications are the future (not only in web applications i.e. SOA) and standardization is a key prerequisite for this future to happen.

  3. Daphna Steinmetz said

    Excellent example! relevant to the masses (not just a niche usage), still complicated as there are no standard tools. just remeber this speech next week!

  4. lila said

    loved it.
    mazal tov.

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